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Cindy Chaney Staff Photo

Supply List 

Along with the distributed list of supplies please include:

(2) Germ-x

(2) Clorox Wipes

(1) Tissue (square boxes)

3 pack of white t-shirts (keep in mind that if they wear medium now, they may need large by the end of the school-year)

3-4 packs of glue sticks (not just 3 or 4 glue sticks)

(2-3) Construction paper packs (this is an item used on a daily basis also)

$1 small supply box to keep their scissors, crayons, and pencils in at their desk (please label)

Regular bottles of glue are not needed, we currently have more than we will use....

 Please be sure to send a towel for your child to use during nap time.  Sometimes they simply need something to cover up with. 


Ms. Chaney