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Supply List 

Mrs. Weekly's Supply List

This is NOT a comprehensive list of supplies, but should be close to what your child will need for the 2017-2018 school year. Please DO NOT put your child's name on the following items because we will pull and use as needed.

5 boxes of 16 count crayola crayons

8 large glue sticks/ 8 small glue sticks

1 package of pre-sharpened high quality pencils

1 pair of 5" blunt tip scissors

5 reams of white copy paper

1 ream of muti color copy paper

1 highlighter

1 package of washable markers

1 package of multi color dry erase PENS

1 set of water color paints


The following items DO need your child's name written on them!

1 plastic pencil box

1 NO ROLLER book bag (large enough for folders/supplies)

1 larger towel for rest time :)

1 package of white T-shirts (these will be used to decorate for special holidays, so buy the size your child will most likely wear all year)

1 lunchbox

1 pair of earphones for computer lab (NO Earbuds)


Each class asks for a $10.00 donation to be given at Open House that will go into our class account for us to be able to purchase toner for our printer and other expensive classroom supplies. This is very helpful and helps us not to have to spend our own money on these things.

$3.00 Writing Journal Fee

$7.00 Field Trip T-shirt Fee


I do not ask for tissue, paper towels, germ-x, soap, etc. at the beginning of the year because I do not have the storage space to keep these things. There will be a sign-up list at Open House for you to send items in once a month, ONLY if needed. Thanks!!