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Supply List 

Mrs. Howard’s Kindergarten Supply List

The only supplies that need to be labeled are the scissors, paints, notebooks, bookbags, lunchboxes, and crayon boxes. The rest of the supplies are used as needed, community style. Thank you and we look forward to making your student’s Kindergarten year a success!

o   #2 YELLOW pre-sharpened pencils 24 natural

o   Set of Crayola Washable markers, wide tip -1

o   24 count of Crayola Crayons 4

o   9 x 12 Assorted Construction Paper 1

o   Xerographic White Paper Ream (copy paper) -1

o   Ream of Colored Paper (colored copy paper) 1

o   Blunt 5” Fiskar Scissors 1

o   4count Color Expo Markers 2

o   Glue Sticks 4 Large and 4 Small

o   Germ X Hand Sanitizer 2 Bottles

o   Lysol Wipes 2 Containers

o   Paper Towels

o   Kleenex Tissue 2 boxes

o   Baby Wipes 1 Pack/Container

o   Band-Aids - 1 Box

Things that are NOT on the generic list for CES Kindergarten, but still needed in my class:

o   1 crayon box

o   3 pack of Youth white t-shirts (your child’s size, you may want to get a size bigger. We decorate these throughout the year and send home as a keepsake.)

o   2 composition notebooks

o   Crayola watercolor paints (the 8 color one is perfect!)

o   $6.00 Field trip t-shirt, $1.00 Writing journal fee, $10.00 class donation (totally optional, but this helps tremendously during the year to buy extra supplies).


*Also, it is REQUIRED to bring a change of clothes for your child (shirt, pants, underwear) labeled in a gallon Ziploc bag in case of an emergency.

*We do NOT use nap mats or towels.

*Bookbags cannot be on wheels


Open House sessions are 1:30pm, 3:30pm, and 5:30pm on August 2nd! Hope to see you there!! :)