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Supply List 

Mrs. Myers’ Kindergarten Supply List 2017-2018


 Please label only scissors, pencil boxes, t-shirts, towel, and headphones for your child.

#2 pre-sharpened pencils – 24 natural (It takes kindergarteners a while to figure out the pencil sharpener.)

Set of Crayola Washable markers wide tip – 1 bright or regular colors

24 Count of Crayola Crayons – 5

3 reams of white copy paper

1 ream of colored copy paper

1 set of Crayola watercolors (The 8 color set is perfect.)

Blunt 5” Fiskar scissors – 1

4 count color Expo Markers – 2 (Learning to write is way more fun in bright colors!)

Glue sticks – 4 small

Highlighters 4 count assorted colors – 1 package

Germ X hand sanitizer – 2 bottles

Paper Towels – 4 rolls

Lysol Wipes – 2 containers

Kleenex Tissue – 1 box

Baby Wipes – 1 container if you’re a girl

Band-Aids – 1 box  if you’re a boy

Headphones for the computer lab – No Earbuds PLEASE.  (I love the ones you can wipe off with Lysol wipes to keep germs down.) Put these in a gallon size Ziploc bag. 

1 pencil box

4 white t-shirts (Please buy at least a size 10-12. They will shrink, especially if I dye them before we decorate them.)

Quart size Ziploc bags- 1 box if you’re a boy.  The ones with the sliders are easier for little hands.   

Gallon  size Ziploc bags- one box if you’re a girl.  The ones with the sliders are easier for little hands. 

1- One inch white binder with clear pocket on the front

1 large towel for rest time

1 bottle of handsoap

1 bottle Elmer’s school glue