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Heather Perdue Staff Photo

Supply List 


-Bookbag (No Wheels)

-2 Composition Notebooks

- 4 Packs of 24ct Crayola Crayons

- 1 Pair of Fiskar Scissors (Blunt tip/5”)

- 2 poly/plastic folders with brads (yellow only)

- 3 Packages of white copy paper

- 1 Pack of colored copy paper (NOT construction paper)

-1 Pack of white cardstock

- 2 bottles of Germ X

- 2 boxes of Kleenex tissues

- 2 rolls of paper towels

- 3 containers of disinfecting wipes

- 1 box of ziplock bags (quart or gallon)

- 1 pair of headphones

- 3 new white t-shirts (size up, we make shirts throughout the year)

-binder pencil pouch (not pencil box, just the pouch. This will be used inside the daily folder for money and notes)

-two packs of post-it notes (students will use these for several activities)

-1 binder 1 1/2 inch--any color (this will be used in the classroom for organization of students daily work)

-1 8 tab dividers for binder

-2 packs of notebook paper

*Please write your child’s name ONLY on their t-shirt & headphones.*


-individually wrapped candy for treat jar
-Ink HP 61 (black & colored)
-classroom donations (monetary or giftcards)
-extra lysol wipes
-wax melts
-febreeze spray