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Danna Beale Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

 Mrs. Danna Beale--Kindergarten


Garden Patch Procedures 2017-18 

Arrival-8:00   Writing & Independent Study/Announcements/RTI—any skill--as needed (early arrivals)

8:00-9:00       Math Activities (plus Calendar Routines, Research, etc.)

9:00-9:35      Whole Group Instruction/Interactive Read Aloud

9:35-10:15     PE

10:15-10:30    Snack/Enrichment/TECH Connect

10:30-11:30  Small Group Lang. Arts Instruction/Independent Work & Literacy Centers            

11:30-12:15   Thematic Explorations/Social Science/Int. Writing

12:15-12:45   Lunch and Lunch Prep

12:55-1:25     Quiet Time

1:25-1:30       Read Aloud/Unfinished Project Time    

1:30-1:45      Recess  (small playground area or inside)

1:45-2:15       Independent Exploration/RTI Math & Reading

2:15-2:20      Pack up/change classes

2:20-2:25      Dismissal/storytime/skill review for bus load #1

 *Whole group language arts time may be longer on some days; writing, as well, across curricular areas.  RTI in essence may exceed 30 combined minutes for reading and math/research, because children may also be seen during arrival time or rest time.

 *Our last lunch-wave assignment will necessitate spontaneous restroom breaks (around the crowds) as the needs of the majority arise.  If we are not here or at a “special”, please glance down the hall and know we’ll return promptly.  😊

 Garden Patch Special Events

8:40-9:10               Library                                                 Week ONE Tuesdays

8:50-9:30               Music                                                    Week ONE Thursdays 

8:40-9:10               Computer Lab                                    Week TWO Tuesdays

8:50-9:30               Counseling (Mrs. Agee)                  Week TWO Thursdays

1:45-2:15               Large Playground Time                   1st Monday             


Serendipity Note:We embrace visitors such as AMSTI guests on their own schedules, and we flex with such special days or CES assembly times to integrate more effectively so that instruction is maximized!